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Blog   January 3, 2024

Surgical never events are preventable medical mistakes, which could result in additional ailments, worsened conditions or death for surgical patients.

We have represented many good people in Cleveland and throughout Ohio who needed surgery of some kind. None of us want to have surgery but if we need it, we want it to go well and we want to be able to trust our doctor and the hospital to take good care of us and cure our medical problem. In fact, the law requires doctors and hospitals to observe what is called the “standard of care” to make sure that all surgery patients receive the best care possible up to the highest level expected and required of any doctor or hospital.

Unfortunately, surgical mistakes too commonly occur and these types of errors cause patients to suffer additional health problems or worsen medical ailments, cause permanent injury or even death. As a surgery patient, you have a legal right to expect that this will not happen to you, that you will not become the victim of malpractice or medical negligence and that you will receive only the best care during your surgery.