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Traffic Deaths in Ohio

Car AccidentsNews   April 7, 2017

While motor vehicles are a part of life for many in the state of Ohio, their use can also result in serious injuries and even death. During the year 2016 there were 1,132 traffic-related fatalities in Ohio.

Fatality Statistics

One positive statistic related to traffic deaths in Ohio involves the use of seatbelts. Fatalities of unbelted drivers and/or passengers decreased from 473 in 2015 down to 431 in 2016, a possible indication that more people are using seatbelts. It should be noted, however, that 2014 and 2015 saw an unusual increase in unbelted fatalities meaning 2016 saw a “return” to 431 unbelted fatalities.

It is certainly bad news that the number of motorcycle fatalities went from 163 in 2015 up to 200 in 2016. The good news is that motorcycle deaths involving drivers wearing helmets decreased from 57 to 50. Good is not good enough, however, considering that in 2013 there were only 43 motorcycle-related deaths involving helmeted drivers in the state of Ohio.

Even the number of pedestrians killed in traffic deaths in Ohio increased over the last year from 118 to 138. The number of pedestrian fatalities due to traffic accidents was just 88 in 2013. From 88 to 138 over three years is a significant increase and likely indicative of an uptick in distracted driving overall.

Avoid Traffic Fatality and Injury

The number of traffic fatalities on Ohio roadways has increased from 990 to 1,132 over the past three years. You can avoid injury and death due to traffic accidents by remembering to keep your vehicle in proper working condition, drive sober, buckle your seatbelt and those of all your passengers, refrain from using a mobile device and avoid other distractions while driving, wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, be on the lookout for animals and pedestrians, and only drive when you are awake and alert.