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Truck driver flees scene of fatal accident on Interstate 75

Car AccidentsNews   August 19, 2016

Truck accidents can be dangerous or deadly; they often involve at least one other vehicle that could be crushed due to the weight of the truck. Multiple vehicle collisions are also possible if a truck collides with backed-up traffic or if the truck rolls over sideways, blocking the lanes of traffic.

In this case, a multi-vehicle collision has one truck driver in serious trouble. The truck driver involved in a fatal collision on I-75 had a history of violations, but he was still on the road. According to the news, the dump truck driver was arrested after he fled the scene of a fatal accident on I-75. The 52-year-old man previously had been convicted of at least five misdemeanor violations to do with his license. He also had a number of traffic violations on his record.

He was taken into custody and held pending charges. In the accident, a 66-year-old man died. In total, five vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash. Two other people were hurt as well.

After the crash, police had to track down and arrest the man, who was running on Sandridge Drive after scaling a fence between it and the highway.

What’s most interesting in this case is that no charges have been filed yet despite evidence of the driver’s past incidents and the fact that he was an alleged hit-and-run driver. A public information officer said that there had to be an intensive investigation before he could be charged.

While this case isn’t yet over, if you’re hit by a truck driver, you have the option to file an insurance claim or lawsuit. As a victim, you should be encouraged to exercise your right to compensation.

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