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TV anchor recounts frightening rollover experience in SUV

Car AccidentsNews   February 20, 2019

Perhaps you own a pickup, van or SUV. Although any kind of vehicle can flip given the right circumstances, taller, narrower vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers.

A television news anchor found out just how frightening a rollover can be when he and his family were heading home from a vacation in snowy Montana.

Early in 2019, the host of “Special Report” on Fox News was heading back to the airport with his wife and two children following a weekend skiing vacation. It was a snowy day in Montana and he braked for an upcoming intersection. However, the Jeep he was driving skidded on an icy patch in the road and a pickup truck smashed into the SUV as it slid through the intersection.

Causes of rollovers

A rollover can happen if a vehicle “trips” on something, such as a pothole or a curb. This kind of accident can also occur if the driver rounds a corner with too much speed or makes a sharp turn that causes the vehicle’s center of gravity to shift to the side. In the case of the news anchor’s rollover, impact put lateral forces in motion and forced the Jeep to flip.

Safety first

The SUV rented by the news anchor in Montana was a newer model with the latest in safety features. The Jeep was also built well with a roof that did not cave in during the accident. Everyone in the vehicle was also wearing a seat belt, which is very important in a rollover. Seat belts keep occupants in place, preventing them from being thrown around or ejected. According to data, almost three-quarters of the occupants ejected from vehicles during a rollover die in the crash.

An unexpected accident

No one expects to be in a car crash, and the Fox news anchor knows how lucky he and his family were that day in Montana: They suffered only minor bumps, sprains and lacerations. Many people involved in a rollover crash are not so lucky.