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Violations could lead to work-related accident in Ohio

NewsPersonal Injury   November 4, 2014

Being put at risk of suffering a potential injury while on the job can be a serious situation for Ohio workers. Employers should follow through with measures to ensure that equipment is functioning properly and that protocols are being followed that reduce the risk of an accident as much as possible. If these steps are not taken, a work-related accident could occur and/or fines could come about.

A company in another state was recently fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for safety violations found at a transport facility. These violations were considered serious and some willful as they put employees at risk for injury or death. Some of these violations included issues regarding a lack of protection from falls as well as defective machinery.

The inspection of the facility reportedly came about due to a complaint that was filed earlier this year. As a result, the company was fined for one willful violation due to not taking malfunctioning forklifts out of operation, and the company was also fined for five repeat and two serious violations regarding the fall hazards. It was also noted that the company had been cited for such violations in other states, including Ohio.

Especially in situations where machinery is in use, a work-related accident could easily lead to an employee being seriously or fatally injured. When these risks are increased due to employers not taking the necessary steps to ensure worker safety, the circumstances become even more unacceptable. If an Ohio worker became injured or was killed on the job due to similar violations, that party or his or her family may wish to determine whether the accident gives rise to workers’ compensation eligibility.

Source:, “Transportation Firm Facing $145,420 in OSHA Fines for Forklift and Fall Hazards“, Josh Cable, Oct. 23, 2014