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When truckers shouldn’t be driving, people get hurt

Car AccidentsNews   November 19, 2015

Nobody ever expects to be involved in a truck accident with a tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, these accidents become more common as our cold Ohio weather sets in. As our road conditions worsen, you have to remain on the lookout for these big rigs as you drive down the highway and use caution whenever you come near one of these large trucks.

Driving a commercial vehicle as large as a Freightliner requires a specific level of training and a specific classification of driver’s licensing. Large trucks like the one involved in a recent crash last month pose a deadly threat to those on the roads and that’s why special trucking regulations exist to try to mitigate the danger that these large trucks present if improperly handled.

The one thing you would normally assume is that the driver of that big truck is trained and licensed; however, such is not always the case.

In a recent truck accident last month here in Ohio, a man driving a pickup truck sustained injuries when a Freightliner hit his vehicle. Not only was the truck driver cited for failing to maintain a proper distance from the accident victim’s vehicle but what was incredible, was that the trucker did not even have a proper license for driving a commercial truck and was cited for that as well.

Remember, you can’t make assumptions that all big rig drivers are licensed, trained or properly rested, so be aware of them on the road and be aware of road conditions this Winter.

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In fact one of our Lawyers, Kenneth Abbarno, has been named Transportation Lawyer of the Year in Cleveland and selected to The Best Lawyers In America in this complex practice area.

If you have been involved in a truck accident and need a truck accident lawyer, we would be honored to help you as we have helped many people who needed our help after a truck accident. Be safe!

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