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Why motorcycle collisions often cause serious injuries

Car AccidentsNews   April 2, 2019

As the snow melts and temperatures climb, you may be itching to dust off your motorcycle and hit the road. Before you do, though, you must think about your safety and well-being. After all, fatal motorcycle crashes are common in late spring and early summer, reveals the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

With a bit of luck and some defensive riding, you may never have to worry about a motorcycle crash. Still, you should understand the risks associated with motorcycling. Here are three reasons motorcycle collisions often cause serious injuries.

1. Motorcycles can be difficult to see 

Your motorcycle is considerably smaller than other vehicles on the road. As such, motorists may have a difficult time seeing you. If a driver cannot see you, he or she also may not be able to slow down or take other steps to limit the severity of a collision. As you probably know, a full-speed crash has the potential to cause significant damage to both you and your motorcycle.

2. Motorcycles lack a steel cage 

When you drive your car, a reinforced cage helps protect you during a wreck. With your motorcycle, though, you lack many of the safety features that come standard with modern passenger vehicles. In fact, the only barrier between you and the pavement may be your bike’s handlebars. While your motorcycle is thrilling to ride, it leaves your head, neck, torso and limbs exposed.

3. Your body has reflexes 

The human body reflexively behaves in certain ways. During a collision on your motorcycle, your brain may instinctively instruct your arms to stiffen. While this may help cushion the impact from a wreck, it can also subject your hands, wrists and arms to significant pressure. Medical professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts often refer to reflexive arm injuries as biker’s arm. Recovering from the condition may take a considerable amount of time.

To stay safe on your motorcycle, wear protective gear every time you ride. Even with your best efforts, though, you may not be able to eliminate your chances of a motorcycle wreck. By understanding why motorcycle collisions are often severe, you can better plan to stay safe during this year’s riding season.