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Winds take out a semi on Route 2 in Ohio

Car AccidentsNews   March 6, 2019

Drivers on the Thomas Edison Memorial Bridge in Sandusky were witness to a horrific scene as high winds recently toppled a semitruck right before their eyes.

On February 24, the winds sweeping across much of the state exceeded 60 miles per hour. This made the bridge spanning Sandusky Bay particularly treacherous. While the Michigan semitruck driver trying to pass over the bridge took the normal precautions for high-wind situations –including using his four-way flashers and slowing down — the winds were still too strong for his vehicle to remain upright. Horrified onlookers included a couple who were filming traffic in the area. They watched the truck topple on its side.

Fortunately, neither the driver of the truck nor anyone else ended up hurt in this particular accident, but it could have been a lot worse if the other drivers hadn’t realized in advance that the semitruck driver was struggling. The incident serves as a reminder that it’s always wise to review what you should do when you’re caught out on the road in high winds:

  1. If you’re in a position to get off the highway and a take a route through a residential area where there are windbreaks, do so. If you can simply get off the road altogether until the winds die down, that’s even better.
  2. Pay attention to larger vehicles like semitrucks. Even sport utility vehicles might have a hard time dealing with the winds due to their top-heavy profiles.
  3. Slow down. Give other vehicles — especially larger ones — extra clearance.
  4. Keep your hands on the wheel. A strong gust of wind can pull a steering wheel right out of a one-handed grip.

In addition, make sure that you don’t engage in any distractions while you’re driving. Put your cellphone away and leave the radio alone, for example, until you’re safely at your destination.

If you’re injured in an accident on the highway in high winds or otherwise, make sure that you protect your legal rights to seek compensation for your losses.