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Worker injuries due to the use of technology

NewsPersonal Injury   May 3, 2017

Throughout the years the reasons that people file workers’ compensation claims has changed. The use of technological devices in the workplace is part of why that is the case. This not only includes jobs where people use a computer all day, but also workers who use cell phones, tablets, and other kinds of technological advances on a repeat basis. Over time that can cause injuries to the hands and wrists, along with other areas.

Eye Strain is an Increasing Problem

People look at computer screens differently than they look at the rest of the world, in that they don’t blink as often. Staring at a computer or other device all day can seriously contribute to eye strain, blurry vision, dry eyes, and related issues. While those are generally not serious, they can become that way if they aren’t treated properly. Anyone working in the tech sector who finds that their eyes are hurting or causing them problems will want to get that checked out. Over time, that can cause significant discomfort and other eye problems, but these can be avoided or reduced with proper techniques.

Your Neck May Be Sore From Texting

Texting and using other types of electronic devices can give users of these devices a stiff neck. It can even contribute to neck and head injuries, along with chronic pain conditions. The head is held in an unnatural position when texting and using electronic devices frequently, or for long periods at a time. Pain can be sharp and stabbing, or develop into a tension-style headache that can last for a long time. Proper techniques to avoid this can be used, but many people don’t understand what they need to be doing to avoid this type of pain, such as moving around frequently and stretching properly.

Pain in the Hand and Wrist is Very Common

Carpal-tunnel and other hand and wrist disorders that come from using technology are more common today than ever before. Depending on how your injury occurred you may be able to collect workers’ compensation. An attorney can help you make that determination.