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Workers compensation need could rise in Ohio

NewsPersonal Injury   March 5, 2015

Losing a loved one is never an easy experience. These losses can come about in various ways, and some incidents may seem more tragic if the fatality-causing event could possibly have been prevented. Workplace accidents are incidents in which great care should be taken to ensure that they do not happen, but regrettably, more and more individuals find themselves possibly in need of workers compensation.

It was recently reported that fatalities in the construction industry have increased in Ohio. Reports stated that these fatalities could be coming about due to younger, less experienced individuals being on the job as well as a lack of training and proper attention to safety measures. At this time, there have been approximately 17 fatal accidents that have taken place on work sites this fiscal year.

Because there have been work cuts and individuals retiring, it was reported that these factors could contribute to some parties being less familiar with workplace hazards. Construction companies should provide their workers with the proper safety training because it is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirement. Some of the most common incidents that result in workplace fatalities are falls, equipment incidents and vehicle accidents.

It is always the hope that each workday will conclude without any serious accidents having taken place. Unfortunately, as this report states, there are too many days in which a worker may be fatally injured on the job in Ohio. If a family loses a loved one in a workplace accident, they may be interested in gathering information on workers compensation to determine whether they could qualify for benefits that could help through such a difficult time.

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