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You deserve fair treatment in a nursing home

NewsNursing Home Neglect   January 30, 2017

When you are in a nursing home, or when you have to place a loved one in a nursing home, you want to make sure that the facility treats you or your loved one right. There are a few rights and protections every patient is entitled to. For instance, you always have the right to be treated with respect. That means that you should be able to choose what activities you participate in, decide when to wake up or go to sleep and have leniency in when you choose to eat your meals, within reason.

You should have the opportunity to participate in activities that meet your needs and you shouldn’t have to worry about discrimination at any time. Whether it’s discrimination during an activity or against you personally it’s unwelcome in a professional nursing facility.

Most importantly, you and your loved ones have the right to be free from abuse or neglect. If you are supposed to be receiving medications three times a day, that’s what should happen. If you ask for assistance getting to the restroom, the nurses should help you without frustration. The nursing facility can’t keep you separated from other people against your will, and it has no right to abuse your money or property.

Nursing homes are supposed to be facilities where you are well taken care of. If you find that you or a loved one are suffering at the hands of staff members, you have legal rights that you can exercise. Our website has more information.