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Birth injuries, a critical concern for many parents, occur during the birthing process and can lead to lifelong challenges for the child. These injuries often result from complications during labor and delivery, and in some cases, are due to medical negligence. The Skolnick Weiser Law Firm, focusing on birth injury cases in Ohio, offers a […]

Drunk driving poses great risks to not just motorists but all citizens. Around the nation, including in Ohio, states have been seen strengthening laws and penalties surrounding impaired driving over the past several decades. Now the federal government is taking a new step forward to help reduce the instances of drunk or drugged driving among […]

Expectant or new parents in Ohio deserve to experience all of the joys commonly thought about when bringing a new child into their lives. Most of the time, this can happen. In some situations, however, injuries that result from untreated or improperly treated complications during pregnancy or during the birth process itself can cause brain […]

A recent study discovered that teenage distracted driving is a contributing factor in many more car accidents than previous reports suggested. Teenage distracted driving results in many fatal and injurious accidents in Ohio and throughout the country. However, a new study discovered that teenage distracted driving is a contributing factor in many more car accidents than past […]

Surgical never events are preventable medical mistakes, which could result in additional ailments, worsened conditions or death for surgical patients. We have represented many good people in Cleveland and throughout Ohio who needed surgery of some kind. None of us want to have surgery but if we need it, we want it to go well […]